Now, Buying a bike means earning monthly income! Welcome to iRYD Earner Resolution(iRYDER)

With the iRYD Earner Resolution(iRYDER) you attach your dream bike on our platform and make monthly earnings out of it. All you have to do is buy the bike and let iRYD manage the entire process, right from getting customers to managing bookings and processing payments. So you can sit back, relax, and see the cash roll in!

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Purchasing The Vehicle

We are not allowed by the regulatory authorities to attach a used vehicle for renting purposes. We will intimate once the regulation becomes more favourable.
iRYD will let you know the kind of bike model it needs considering the customer needs and the perf
The requirement for registration of the bike under iRYD's name comes from the Motor Vehicles Act, which states that if a bike is leased, it needs to be registered under the name of the lessee (in this case, iRYD). Further, the registration process mirrors the details on the purchase invoice of the bike, which means that iRYD's name must show up there too. However, it is very clear that you are in fact the owner of the bike, given the fact that i) you have paid for the bike, and ii) iRYD can only operate the bike in accordance with the terms of the signed. Thus, actual ownership of the bike is with you.
iRYD values your time and will handle the entire process of purchasing the bike, registering it and getting all relevant licenses and permits (whether initially or renewals, thereafter), to make it hassle free for you.
iRYD installs certain devices in the bike to give our customers a better experience and also assist our operations. Currently, we install a GPS-tracking device and an engine immobilizer.

Bike Operations

iRYD will be responsible for day to day maintainance of the vehicle. Servicing will be taken care of by iRYD.
All the bike on iRYD are covered under a comprehensive insurance which apart from the standard own damage and third party coverage, includes coverage for zero depreciation and theft. This ensures no exposure to you as well as iRYD in the unfortunate event of an accident. If the bike undergoes an accident when the bike is with iRYD or one of our customers, iRYD will manage the repair of the bike. In the event the bike is declared a total loss (i.e., the cost of repairing the bike is close to or higher than the value of the bike itself), the insurer will reimburse you the IDV (insurer declared value – this starts at 85% of the price of the bike and reduces by 20% each year thereafter) of the bike. As regards theft of the bike, we see an extremely low probability of this happening, given our experience till date and the monitoring of our bikes. However, in the unfortunate event that the bike does get stolen while in possession of iRYD or one of our customers, iRYD will help manage the standard procedures of filing an FIR and using police assistance to recover the bike. If the bike is not recovered, however, the insurance provider will reimburse you the IDV of the bike as per the insurance
To make the process hassle free for you, iRYD will take bikee of all of these renewals. Of course, you will have to pay for these as per our agreement. We will inform you in advance of the renewals along with relevant quotes so you can prepare for the payments. Our only request would be that you pay for these in time and place the documents in the bike on time to ensure you and our customers face no issues.
At the end of the term of the contract, iRYD will pay the agreed salvage value as per agreement. You will not have any hold on the bike once the contract period is completed.